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Company Law (10th edn)  

Alan Dignam and John Lowry
Published in Print: 16 August 2018 Published Online:September 2018
ISBN: 9780198811831
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Titles in the Core Text series take the reader straight to the heart of the subject, providing focused, concise, and reliable guides for students at all levels. Company Law provides an account of the key principles of this area of law. It aims to demystify this complex subject. Chapter introductions provide summaries of various aspects of company law and further reading provide the tools for further research and study. This volume includes coverage of new case law such as Prest v Petrodel Resources Ltd (2013); Chandler v Cape plc (2012); VTB Capital plc v Nutritek Int Corp (2013); Vivendi SA v Richards (2013); Weavering Capital v Dabhia (2013); Sharma v Sharma (2013); and FHR European Ventures LLP v Mankarious (2013). On corporate governance the new edition discusses the implementation of mandatory ‘Say on Pay’ measures in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, the implementation of the Kay Review recommendations, and the new format Directors’ Report (2013). Also covered are the EU action plan on European company law and corporate governance (2012) and the EU consultation on the future of European company law (2012), as well as the Law Commission’s consultation of the fiduciary duties of investment intermediaries (2014), and the revised system of registration of company charges.