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Public Law Directions (1st edn)  

Anne DennettSenior Lecturer, University of LincolnClose
Published in Print: 01 April 2019 Published Online:September 2019
ISBN: 9780198807315
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Public Law Directions provides a balance of depth, detail, context, and critique. The aim is to empower readers to evaluate the law, understand its practical application, and confidently approach assessments. The text offers scene-setting introductions and highlighted case extracts, the practical importance of the law becomes clear. It shows readers when and how to critically evaluate the law by introducing the key areas of debate and encourages a questioning attitude towards the law. Topics covered include: the UK constitution; constitutional principles and values; power in the UK including an examination of the three arms of state; an analysis of the relationship between the individual and the state; and a close examination of human rights, including a look at the Human Rights Act 1998.