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Cover European Intellectual Property Law

Justine Pila and Paul Torremans

European Intellectual Property Law offers a full account of the nature, context, and effect of European IP law. The amount and reach of European law- and decision-making in the field of intellectual property has grown exponentially since the 1960s, making it increasingly difficult to treat European IP regimes as mere adjuncts to domestic and international regimes. European Intellectual Property Law responds to this reality by presenting a clear and detailed account of each of the main European IP systems, including the areas of substantive IP law on which they are based. The result is a full account of the European intellectual property field, presented in the context of both the EU legal system and international IP law, including EU constitutional law, the law of the European Patent Convention 1973/2000, and private international law. By drawing selectively on examples from domestic IP regimes, the text also illustrates substantive differences between those regimes and demonstrates the impact of European law and decision-making on EU Member States. The result is a modern treatment of European IP law that goes beyond a discussion of the provisions of individual legal instruments to consider their wider context and effect.