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Cover Business Law

1. How to Study Law for Businesses  

This chapter begins by identifying the reasons that make the study of business law an important aspect in the wider context of business. It identifies strategies and good practice that will help a student with their studies, and provides a sample problem-type question and guidance on how to prepare a law-based answer. Business law is a distinct topic from other modules on accountancy, business, and management courses. A knowledge of the law cannot be bluffed—it is necessary to be aware of the relevant laws and think about business problems from a legal standpoint. This approach will ensure that legal questions are answered with reference to the law, which is crucial to being successful in the business law module.


Cover Learning Legal Rules

2. Finding the Law  

This chapter introduces the main resources and techniques needed for legal research, the development of legal ‘information literacy’, and the appropriate methods to undertake research: the capabilities necessary for learning and working in an information-rich, digital society. It demonstrates how digital technologies are changing the nature of law and legal information from physical to a virtual space, and with it the research process. Digital media have created new challenges, for example for intellectual property law, for data security and protection, and for the criminal law in responding to a wide range of electronic crime. The discussion of specific research tools and techniques covers literary sources; case law; legislation; EU law; and using a number of online resources.