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Exams are the most common form of assessment in UK law schools, and the student will almost inevitably sit quite a few of them during their legal studies. A successful law student wants their success reflected in their results — and exams will make up a big part of those results. By understanding the format of exams, knowing how best to prepare for them, and thinking about effective approaches to them, the student can approach exams calmly and be in the best possible position to achieve the results they feel that they deserve. This chapter looks at all these things, with hints and tips on things to do and things to avoid in revision, preparation, and exam.


The Successful Law Student provides insights, advice, and perspectives on the student experience in the field of law. The focus is on the things that will make a big difference to the student experience, including making a smooth transition to university level study, getting the most out of lectures and feedback from tutors, advice on how to approach law exams, and finding a rewarding career. Complemented by a variety of insider voices, which add valuable context and real-life insight, the text includes extensive experience from the perspective of law teachers to explore the learning process and look beyond it to consider the wider definition of success and to provide help against the pressures of legal study.