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Cover Business Law

16. Duties Relating to Corporation Finance and Capital  

This chapter discusses the details of the various obligations on companies that wish to issue and allot shares, provide debentures and charges over the company’s assets, and provide guidance on the maintenance of the company’s finances. It continues from the discussion of the administration of the company to consider the broad issue of corporate governance and identifies how a company may raise capital, while also considering the obligations placed on the directors to protect and maintain the capital of the company for its members. To appreciate the effects of the Companies Act (CA) 2006 on companies, it is important to understand the rules regarding the issuing of shares and granting of debentures to protect the company and the creditors from abuse, and how dividends are to be agreed upon and provided to shareholders.


Cover Hayes & Williams' Family Law

Property disputes when non-formalised relationships breakdown  

This chapter explores how the family finances are dealt with following the breakup between cohabitants in non-formal relationships. In particular, it considers property law disputes between cohabitants on relationship breakdown and the application of the law of trusts to determine the resolution of such disputes. As these are principles of general application which have not been designed specifically to deal with the financial consequences of relationship breakdown between cohabitants, the chapter highlights how they are generally regarded as inadequate to resolve family property disputes, producing unfair outcomes in certain situations.