The quick search box is situated in the Law Trove header, so it appears on every page:

  • Put in a word to find just that word.
  • Put in more than one word and you will find pages that contain any of those words (the ones that contain most of them should be the top results).
  • Put in a phrase in quotation marks: "just like this" and you will find only pages containing that phrase.

Run your search by hitting return or clicking the magnifying glass icon to the right of the search box.
















Wildcards are characters that represent one or more letter, and you can use them in any search box.

  •  ? can stand for any single letter
  •  * stands for one or more letters (or no letters)

Search results

The main part of the search results page contains your search results, divided into two parts, each on its own tab:

  • The books tab shows you the complete textbooks you have found with your search.
  • The chapter tab shows you the chapters you have found with your search - the chapter tab is displayed on top by default.
  • The book tab lists results that include the search word/s in the title, author name, or chapter heading, The chapter tab lists results that include the search word/s in the text.

Padlocked content is unavailable under your subscription.

Click on either tab to see your chapter and books search results list.

  • The list is sorted by relevance. Use the Sort by options at the top of the list to sort by the author name or publication date instead.
  • You can choose to increase the number of Items per page with the box at the top of the list.
  • Long lists will be broken over several pages. Use the Page links at the top right of the list to move from page to page.

Each result on the Chapter tab shows you the chapter, the textbook it comes from, and a snippet of text showing how your search term appears - this can help you choose whether you want to see the whole result. Click on the chapter name to see the full text of your chapter, or click on the textbook title to go to that book.

Once you've gone to full content, you can return to your results list using the Back to results link on the left below the header.

Refining your results list

On the left of your results list you'll find features to help you find what you want in that list.

  • Refine terms: lets you specify exactly what you are looking for: choose one of the values in the dropdown on the left, and enter a term in the field on the right. You can combine as many terms in as many sections as you like to build an advanced search. If you need a further row, choose Add Row. When you add another row, your searches are by default linked by AND but you can change this to OR or NOT. Remember you can save your search to your Personal Profile so you don’t need to recreate it each time you need it.
  • Availability. Padlocked titles are unavailable under your subscription. Select the green padlock box if you only want to see the titles you have access to.
  • Narrow your choices by choosing a subject, series, or study level. Each area shows you the number of textbooks within it (in brackets). Click on the [+] signs to expand each branch of the taxonomy, the [–] signs to hide the sub-branches, and click on each term to choose it.
  • Once you click into the content, you can enter a word or phrase in the Search within results box to run a quick search through that particular book.
  • Gone too far? The grey panel at the top of the main list shows you the terms and filters that are being used to make your results list. You can always remove a filter by clicking on the [x] next to it, or Clear All and start again.










Using the results list

You can save a search results list, or you can print it out, email it, or share it - use the icons at the top right of the list.



Browser tip: To search for a word or phrase on a page, Hit the "Ctrl" key (lower left area of your keyboard) and the letter "F" key at the same time - a little pop-up window will appear. Enter the word or phrase you are looking for and hit return. Your computer will automatically locate and highlight each instance of the word/phrase on that page. Click on the "Next" button to view each occurrence of your search term.