Subscribing Institutions

We are really proud that for the academic year 2021/22 Law Trove was in place across a wide range of higher education institutions in UK and Europe. We look forward to continuing that relationship in the next academic year, as well as welcoming new students and academics to Law Trove.

To find out more about how your institution can benefit from using Law Trove, contact your campus representative.


What last year's student users told us

“Law Trove is easy to use anywhere. Really great for revision and looking at alternative textbooks.”

“I like having access to a wide range of textbooks online, so I have a greater choice.”

“I like how I can download chapters, make annotations and highlight text.”

“I like the number of different textbooks. It’s great to get different views on a topic, or have that topic explained differently.”

“I like that I have access to a wide variety of textbooks on every kind of law. I am able to read extensively outside my modules. I also like that I can download chapters as a PDF onto my iPad to use during seminars.”

“I like that it includes links to additional useful sources.”

“It is extremely easy to navigate and searching in the search box is extremely helpful in directing me to the relevant chapters in a wide range of textbooks.”

“It is super easy to use and has good subject categorisation that makes it easy to read around.”