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March focus: Contract law

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Chapter collection

Ch 12. The limits of hard bargaining: Duress and undue influence
from Contract Law 3rd edn by TT Arvind
"Sign, or else...The basis of contract lies in consent, and consent must be freely given... English law sets limits to hard bargaining through the application of the doctrines of duress and undue influence..."

Stilk v Myrick [1809] EWHC KB J58; (1809) 2 Camp 317
from Essential Cases: Contract Law (5th edn) by Nicola Jackson
During a voyage, two sailors deserted. The captain attempted unsuccessfully to find replacements He agreed to divide the deserters’ wages between the remaining sailors if they worked the ship for the remainder of the voyage. Upon their return the remaining sailors sued to enforce the captain’s promise...

Ch 23. Damages
from Contract Law: Text, Cases, and Materials (10th edn) by Ewan McKendrick
"The aim of this chapter is to examine the entitlement of a claimant to recover damages in respect of a breach of contract committed by the defendant. Every breach of contract gives rise to a claim for damages..."

Ch 15. Good faith
from Contract Law (7th edn) by Mindy Chen-Wishart
"English law does not currently recognise a duty of good faith, but whether it should in the specific context of contractual performance, or in contract generally, has attracted increasing discussion in case law and commentaries..."

Ch 3. Certainty and formalities
from Koffman, Macdonald & Atkins' Law of Contract (10th edn) by Ruth Atkins
"This chapter looks at the need for certainty and formalities in contracting...a willingness of the parties to make a contract does not necessarily amount to a legally binding agreement, whilst on the other hand, there is potential for the court to fill in any gaps to give effect to agreements..."

Ch 1. General themes and issues
from O'Sullivan & Hilliard's The Law of Contract (10th edn) by Janet O'Sullivan
"This chapter offers an introduction to the law of contract and contract theory. It explains that the law of contract provides the ground rules for what is needed for a contract to be valid and enforceable and for resolving disputes..."

Ch 15. Skills for success in coursework assessments
from Concentrate Q&A Contract Law (3rd edn) by James Devenney  
"This chapter provides advice on preparing and writing an answer to a contract law coursework question. It looks at: researching, planning, and preparing to write; critical analysis and evaluation; structure; writing your answer; relevance and sticking to the word limit; and referencing and citation of legal authorities..."