Subject Focus

December: focus on land law

In the words of one of our authors: "Land law matters because land matters. Land is the stage for life’s most pivotal events. It can offer security, safety, and a sanctuary in the form of the family home. Land can equally be the site of division, oppression, deprivation of one’s culture, and violation of human rights."

We've made land law the subject focus for December.  The collection of chapters below shows off some of our student-focused resources, all offering fresh and lively approaches to the study of land law.

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Chapter collection

Ch. 24 Flat ownership: Long leases and commonhold
from Land Law: Text, Cases and Materials (5th edn) by Ben McFarlane, Nicholas Hopkins, and Sarah Nield
"Owners of flats are the closest of neighbours. They live one on top of each other, as well as side by side. The need to regulate the legal rights and obligations of flat owners within a block of flats is thus particularly significant..."

Ch. 3 Creation of legal and equitable rights in land
from  Complete Land Law: Text, Cases and Materials (7th edn) by Barbara Bogusz and Roger Sexton
"This chapter begins by discussing changes made by the great reforming legislation of 1925, which had the effect of reducing the number of types of legal estates and legal interests..."

Ch. 1 Introduction to land law
from Land Law (3rd edn) by Chris Bevan
"Land law is ‘proper’ law—a perfect amalgam of statute, common law, and policy. It is the site of some of society’s most important developments and helps to answer some of the most fundamental questions..."

Ch. 12 Easements and profits
from Land Law Directions (8th edn) by Sandra Clarke and Sarah Greer
"This chapter examines two of the most important rights held by one person over land belonging to another person: easements and profits are rights that add to the value of the land they benefit, and without them modern living would scarcely be possible..."

Ch. 3 Law, equity and human rights
from Thompson's Modern Land Law (8th edn) by Martin George and Antonia Layard
"In addition to the concepts of tenure and estates, another fundamental aspect of England’s Land Law is the impact of equity. The intervention of equity was originally based upon the need to enforce obligations of conscience and to redress defects in the common law, and also gave rise to the trust..."

Elitestone v Morris [1997] 1 WLR 687, House of Lords
from Essential Cases: Land Law (6th edn) by Aruna Nair
Mr Morris, and 26 others occupied bungalows...that rested on concrete blocks placed on the land; they were not physically attached to the surface of the land itself. In this case the legal issue was not whether the bungalow was a tenant’s fixture, but instead whether it had become part and parcel of the land at all...

Ch. 5 The freehold estate
from Land Law Concentrate (8th edn) by Victoria Sayles
"The freehold estate is the larger of the two estates in land that has legal capacity and a person who holds a freehold estate over land is tantamount to being the owner of that land..."