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December: focus on tort law

The editors of our tort law list have a lot of fun. They really enjoy working with some of the foremost authorities on the subject, creating resources that are engaging and lively, and designed to develop critical thinkers. We've collected together a wide range of topics in the December collection - there is a lot more here than snails and banana skins. Browse the selected chapters and journey through privacy, psychiatric harm, liability, trespass and more.

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Selected freely available content

Ch. 4 - Special duty problems: psychiatric harm
from Casebook on Tort Law (16th edn) by Kirsty Horsey and Ericka Rackley
"This chapter discusses the ‘special duty issue’ that arises when a person has suffered psychiatric harm as a result of the defendant’s negligence..."

Bolton v Stone [1951] AC 850
from Essential Cases in Tort Law by Craig Purshouse
"The claimant, Miss Stone, had been standing on the street outside of her house when she was injured by a cricket ball that had been hit by a player on an adjacent cricket ground. Miss Stone brought a claim in negligence and nuisance..."

Ch. 1 - Introduction
from An Introduction to Tort Law (2nd edn) by Tony Weir
"This introductory chapter provides an overview of tort law. It discusses the development of the law of tort in England; how the increase in tort liability is matched by a decline in the potency of contract..."

Ch. 12 - Trespass to land
from Street on Torts (16th edn) by Christian Witting
"This chapter examines the protection against interferences with land provided by tort law. Land in this context includes not only the surface of the land but areas above and below it as well as fixtures..."

Ch. 16 - Invasion of privacy
from Tort Law (7th edn) by Kirsty Horsey and Erika Rackley
"Privacy is consistently a ‘hot topic’... there are many ways in which information about others can be collected and transmitted, meaning that the protection of our privacy is more relevant than ever. That said, it took a long time for privacy to be protected by tort..."

Ch. 10 - Product liability
from Tort Law Directions (7th edn) by Carol Brennan and Vera Bermingham
"This chapter discusses the limitations of the tort system in providing compensation to a victim of harm caused by a defective product, and analyses the scope and limitations of the Consumer Protection Act 1987..."

Ch. 17 - Liability for animals
from Markesinis & Deakin's Tort Law (8th edn) by Simon Deakin and Zoe Adams
"Liability for animals raises further questions about the role, and future, of strict liability in the context of the law of tort. This chapter examines the special rules of strict liability under the Animals Act 1971, including those concerning liability for straying livestock, liability for ‘dangerous animals’, and liability for dogs..."

Ch. 1 - Torts and other wrongs (links to Oxford Scholarship Online)
from Torts and Other Wrongs by John Gardner
"This chapter focuses on the law of torts in major common law jurisdictions in which tort cases are normally adjudicated by judges sitting without juries. It considers the so-called classical interpretation of the common law of torts by John Goldberg and Ben Zipursky..."