Subject Focus

September: focus on family

This month we've brought together a selection of content from our family law publishing.  Our family law list has grown and developed in the last few years. We can now offer established classics to modern collections, all bring the debates alive and tackle the socio-legal aspects of this fascinating area.

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Selected freely available content

Ch. 8 - Parenthood and Parental responsibility
from Family Law by Polly Morgan
"...thanks to reproductive technologies, a woman can gestate, nourish, and give birth to a child to whom she is not genetically connected. In addition, a person can be legally male and conceive, carry, and give birth to a child..."

Ch 5 - Protection from domestic abuse
from Bromley's Family Law (12th edn) by Nigel Lowe, Gillian Douglas, Emma Hitchings, and Rachel Taylor
"This chapter begins with discussion of the definition and scale of domestic abuse; government strategy; and gender-based abuse as a breach of human rights..."

Ch 11 - Adoption and special guardianship
from Hayes & Williams' Family Law (7th edn) by  Stephen Gilmore and Lisa Glennon
"This chapter examines the legal mechanisms by which children can be provided with long-term alternative secure family placements: the law on adoption and special guardianship..."

Ch 3 - Ending relationships: divorce and separation
from Family Law: Text, Cases, and Materials (4th edn) by Joanna Miles, Rob George and Sonia Harris-Short
"The law of divorce has always been controversial owing to its implications for the institution of marriage and the family. Attempts to reform the law trigger heated debate..."

Ch 14 - International family law (by Ruth Lamont)
from Family Law edited by Ruth Lamont
"[this chapter] considers the central aspects of international family law, the law relating to foreign marriage, divorce, and children, including international child abduction in order to examine how English law responds to these concerns..."

Ch 7 - Children - public law
from Family Law Concentrate (5th edn) by Susan Heenan and Anna Heenan
"This chapter, which focuses on public law matters concerning children under the Children Act 1989, first explains the powers and duties of local authorities, as well as those of the police, to protect children in need..."