Subject Focus

October: focus on legal systems and skills

For many October marks the start of their legal educational journey. The very first steps  often start with an English legal system and skills session. For that reason we’ve made legal systems and skills our subject focus this month. Take a look at the selected chapters and remind yourself what the gateway into a law degree looks like.

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Selected freely available content

Ch.3 - Finding legislation
from Legal Skills (8th edn) by Emily Finch & Stefan Fafinski
"The ability to find legislation is an important legal skill. Legislation is a primary source of law affecting virtually every area of legal study. ..."

Ch. 6 - The structure of the courts
from English Legal System (8th edn) by Alisdair Gillespie & Siobhan Weare
"This chapter discusses the organization of the modern court structure and what each court does..."

Ch. 11 - Transformation or transition? The English legal system in flux
from An Introduction to the English Legal System (15th edn) by Martin Partington
"The dramatic changes that have been made over the past 20+ years are grouped under two broad headings: modernization and austerity..."

Ch. 3 - Reading the law
from Learning Legal Rules: A Students' Guide to Legal Method and Reasoning (10th edn) by James Holland and Julian Webb
"This chapter provides a set of concepts and tools to help students better understand both primary and secondary legal sources and lays out the three questions that we may ask about a legal text..."

Ch. 7 - The criminal justice system
from English Legal System Concentrate by Mark Thomas and Claire McGourlay
"The CJS is built upon procedural, evidential, and substantive foundations. These foundations dictate its direction and progression..."

Ch. 6 - Legal services and the ethical lawyer
from Legal Systems and Skills (4th edn) by Scott Slorach, Judith Embley, Peter Goodchild & Catherine Shephard
"..a key factor in entrenching the Rule of Law was the ability of the individual to access justice effectively. But this entire framework lacks impact without an accessible and effective legal profession..."

Ch. 10 - The jury
from English Legal System (4th edn) by Steve Wilson, Helen Rutherford, Tony Storey, Natalie Wortley & Birju Kotecha
"The jury has been called the ‘bulwark of the liberties’ of the individual against the state and is seen by many as an essential part of the criminal justice system..."