Chapter page

Each chapter page has three main parts under the standard header (for more information on the standard header see On Every Page): the index card at the top; the contents in the main pane, and navigation links on the left.  

At the top: the index card

This is a short version of the book page’s index card. Click on the book title or cover image to go back to the book page.

In the main pane: the contents

  • Each chapter is presented completely on its own web page.
  • You can use the Go to page box on the right to navigate to content beginning on a particular page, or use the arrows on the right to jump around the chapter.
  • Included within the chapter text are cross references to other pages or parts of the book. These are highlighted in blue. Footnote numbers, biographical entries, internet links etc, are also highlighted in blue. Follow the link by clicking on it.
  • Figures and diagrams are included in the chapter text. They can be enlarged and downloaded to PowerPoint.
Tip: Page numbers from print books are shown in grey in the text



















Law Trove offers the ability to download content in order to support subscribers’ own personal study. Simply click on 'View PDF' on the right hand side of the main pane:

A pop-up message will appear. By clicking on 'Proceed' you are agreeing to use the PDF for personal use only, and are bound by your licence to only use the downloaded content in certain ways. A link to the full terms is available.

The required chapter will download as a PDF document.

On the left: the navigation links

All the boxes on the left help you find exactly what you want – either inside this textbook, within Law Trove, or elsewhere.

  • Use the Search within box to run a quick search through the textbook you are looking at.
  • Once you are in a chapter, the book's contents will appear in the left navigation menu. The chapter you are in will be highlighted.
  • Subject(s) show how we have classified this textbook; click on the heading to see all that textbooks in that subject.
  • Related links provides a link to the book's Online Resource Centre, if it has one.
  • Find this title provides a link to the book's catalogue page on the Oxford University Press website.




The chapter toolkit

Between the header and the index card, at the right of the screen, is a set of icons that are a toolkit for using the chapter. These are explained on the Book Page.

If you try to view content you do not have access to, you will see an abstract giving a brief summary of what is covered in that chapter, plus details on how to get access.