Access Codes

Redeeming your access code

One way of gaining access to Law Trove is through an access code or token which contains a multiple digit number.

By activating your code (whether you have been given the code by your institution or obtained it from a book you've purchased yourself) you indicate that you accept the terms of our legal notice.

Get started

1.    Have your access code to hand and open the activation page
2.    Enter your code and activate your account
3.    Fill in your details and choose a password to create your account

Your account will be activated immediately, and you can begin discovering.

You will not need your activation code once your account has been set up. On subsequent log-ins you will just need your username and password.

Your access code can only be redeemed once and is not transferable.

You must activate your access code before 30 June 2023. Access will last for 12 months from activation.  

You’ll be directed to the Law Trove homepage, jump into the content by using the subject menu, and to see the titles you have access to select the “available” option in the availability section of the left hand menu.  Access lasts for 12 months and the content your code entitles you to will remain the same for that period.



If you would like to buy 12 months access to Law Trove, please visit Purchasing Law Trove for details on how to do this.


My access code doesn’t work. What do I do?
Access codes are redeemable once and are not transferable; they also have an expiry date. For that reason it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to redeem a code printed on a second-hand title or an old edition.Access to your title(s) on Law Trove is valid for 12 months from redemption; your subscription may have expired.
If you’ve entered your code correctly, and it doesn’t work, please email It would help us if you include the name of your institution, how you were given your code, and the access number in your email.

I’ve set up my access but my login doesn’t work.
Please email us at, including as much information as possible about your situation.

I've had my access code for a while but haven't redeemed it yet, is there a time limit?
Yes, you must activate your code before 30 June 2023, after that it will expire. For that reason it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to redeem a code printed on a second-hand title or an old edition.

If you are still experiencing login problems please email, with as much information as possible.

Additional help can be found on our Help, Technical Support and FAQ pages.