Law Trove facilitates a rounded and complete study of law. Its powerful search facility means you can delve deeper into your title, navigate more easily, and connect with additional resources in your own institution’s library collection. For the first time Law Trove enables you to search and interrogate the wealth of Oxford’s textbook law list.

What titles are available?

Law Trove contains the content of about 200 law textbooks across core and optional modules.

Why Law Trove?


  • Search across the full text of all the titles on Law Trove 
  • Search results bring up relevant chapters as well as whole textbooks
  • Browse by subject and series (through drop-down menu and left-hand panel)
  • Law Trove has basic and advanced search
  • Search results can be downloaded (as PDF and XLS) to browse later
  • Abstracts appear at book and chapter level (for non-authenticated users) so you can sort and filter your search results easily


  • Cross-references within the chapters are hyperlinked for fast and easy navigation
  • There are links within the content to additional learning resources on a book’s Online Resource Centre and to relevant external content for a joined up learning experience
  • Save links to content, and searches to your Personal Profile for easy navigation    


  • Bibliographic references and further reading suggestions are hyperlinked to your institution’s library collection
  • Create your Personal Profile to save links and searches, and to make your own annotations to parts of the text, and add your own notes and comments and bookmark key parts for future reference and revision
  • Accurately cite parts of the content in your essays and coursework using the citation export tool (displayed as a pencil icon on the tool bar)
  • Images and diagrams can be viewed in a pop-up window, and downloaded to PowerPoint for use in your work
  • Snippets of content can be shared through email or social network sites
  • Coming soon: audio and video content will be embedded in the content
  • Permanent digital online identifiers (DOIs) are provided for every chapter and act as permanent URLs, they can be saved as references, used them on reading lists, and create direct links to prescribed reading from a VLE

Obtaining access to Law Trove

Redeeming an access code
If you are a student who has been given an access token by your university please visit the access page to find out how to activate your account.

Purchasing a subject collection
Individual students can buy 12 months access to subject collections. Visit the Purchasing a Collection page for details on how to do this. Prices for a subject collection are £41.66

Academics wanting trial access to content
Academics who would like an inspection copy, or time limited trial access, to content within Law Trove should contact their campus representative for more information and a demonstration.

Other resources of interest

A complete catalogue of law textbooks published by Oxford University Press can be accessed online at www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/law

Online resources accompany the majority of textbooks and contain a range of teaching and learning resources. Access the online resources at https://oup-arc.com/

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