On Every Page

Every page has the same header, containing useful links and functionality. 

In the very top row of the header you will find links to:

  • Contact Us: For feedback, technical issues, troubleshooting, and information on trial access and pricing.
  • About pages: Provides information on what Law Trove is, and the titles available
  • Access code: How to redeem an access code to gain access to Law Trove
  • Purchasing a Collection: Contains information on purchasing a subject collection from Law Trove.
  • Take a Tour: Read about some of the functionality of Law Trove and how to get started by downloading the flyer.
  • FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about any aspect of the site.
  • Help: These help pages.
  • Subscriber Services: For information on accessing Law Trove, managing subscriptions, and getting help if you have a problem.
  • Personal Profile features: See the Personalization page for more information.

 In the middle of the header you will find:

  • The Law Trove logo is a link back to the homepage.
  • The Search box - type in a word or phrase and hit the return key or click on the magnifying glass next to the search box.









In the bottom blue row of the header you will find:

Browse by subject, series, or study level

  • Click on the triangle to expand the subject, series, or study level browse panel, to reveal the options.
  • Click on the name of a subject, series, or study level to show all the books in that area.
  • See all the textbooks by choosing Browse All, at the bottom right of the subject browse panel.
  • Close the panel by clicking on the [X] at the bottom right.

My Bookmarks shows all the pages you have looked at recently, and My Searches shows all the searches you have run recently. Click on either to see the lists.

  • Click on an entry in one of those lists and you are returned to that content.
  • See the Personalization section to read more about saving those lists.










At the bottom of every page is a footer with links to legal notices and OUP's Privacy Policy.