Subject focus


January focus: public law

To kick off our series of subject features for 2021 we've chosen to make a selection of chapters available from our public law textbooks. Our list offers thought-provoking titles which present the dynamism and debates of public law, and with many titles going into new editions in 2021 visit the discipline webpage to see what's coming and to stay up to date.

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All chapters below are free to read until 31st January 2021.

Ch. 1 - What is public law?
Complete Public Law (4th edn) by Lisa Webley and Harriet Samuels
"What is public law and how does it differ from private law? What is the constitutional and administrative law distinction? Why is public law of relevance today?..."

Ch. 11 - Parliamentary scrutiny of central government
Public Law (4th edn) by Mark Elliott and Robert Thomas
"The government derives its authority, democratic legitimacy, and ability to govern from Parliament by virtue of its majority in the House of Commons..."
Ch. 9 - Devolution and local government
Public Law (2nd edn) by John Stanton and Craig Prescott
"In the aftermath of the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum and in the context of Brexit, calls for further devolution to the regions have gathered momentum..."

Ch. 19 - Police powers
Constitutional and Administrative Law (11th edn) by Neil Parpworth
"The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) confers many powers upon the police. Whether or not a particular power is exercised will, however, be a matter of discretion for an individual officer..."

Ch. 11 - Case Study: Deployment of British armed forces abroad
Public Law -  Text, Cases, and Materials (4th edn) by Andrew Le Sueur, Maurice Sunkin, and Jo Eric Khushal Murkens
"As well as potentially resulting in death and injury to soldiers and civilians, deployments carry a huge financial cost and risks to national security..."

Ch. 7 - The rule of law
Public Law Directions by Anne Dennett
"...a crucially important constitutional principle and is part of the UK constitution’s armoury of protective, controlling mechanisms, particularly through its application by the courts..."

Osborn v Parole Board [2013] UKSC 61, before the UK Supreme Court
Essential Cases: Public Law by Thomas E. Webb
"This case concerned the questions the Parole Board was required to ask itself in deciding whether to grant an oral hearing to prisoners with indeterminate sentences, and those on license who were recalled to prison..."

Ch. 4 - Brexit and the UK constitution by Paul Craig
The Changing Constitution edited by Sir Jeffrey Jowell and Colm O'Cinneide
"The discussion begins with the issue of constitutional power, which was manifest in litigation as to whether the executive could trigger notification to exit the EU..."

Ch 3. - Prime Minster and Cabinet
Concentrate Q&A Public Law (3rd edn) by Richard Clements
"What are the powers of the Prime Minister and what is the relationship between the Prime Minister and the Cabinet?"