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Legal Traditions of the World: Sustainable diversity in law (5th edn)  

H. Patrick GlennPeter M Laing Professor of Law at McGill University, MontrealClose
Published in Print: 01 May 2014 Published Online:September 2014
ISBN: 9780199669837
Publisher:Oxford University Press


This book offers a major new means of conceptualizing law and legal relations across the world. National laws are placed in the broader context of major legal traditions, those of chthonic (or indigenous) law, talmudic law, civil law, Islamic law, common law, Hindu law, and Confucian law. Each tradition is examined in terms of its institutions and substantive law, its founding concepts and methods, its attitude towards the concept of change, and its teaching on relations with other traditions and peoples. Legal traditions are explained in terms of multivalent and non-conflictual forms of logic and thought.