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An Introduction to the Law of Trusts (3rd edn)  

Simon GardnerFellow of Lincoln College, OxfordClose
Published in Print: 05 May 2011 Published Online:June 2015
ISBN: 9780199545759
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Celebrated for their conceptual clarity, titles in the Clarendon Law Series offer concise, accessible overviews of major fields of law and legal thought. An Introduction to the Law of Trusts provides an introduction to trusts law, aiming to present a conceptual framework to aid understanding of this challenging area of the law. The text, which is the third edition, also identifies and discusses many analytical perspectives, encouraging a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. It offers treatment of specific areas, in particular remedial constructive trusts and trusts of family homes. Revised to take into account the Charities Act 2006, judicial developments through case law, and recent academic work in this area, this text provides an insightful introduction to the law of trusts.