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Criminal Justice (4th edn)  

Andrew SandersProfessor of Criminal Law and Criminology, University of BirminghamClose
Richard YoungProfessor of Law and Policy Research, University of BristolClose
, and
Mandy BurtonProfessor of Socio-Legal Studies, University of LeicesterClose
Published in Print: 15 July 2010 Published Online:June 2014
ISBN: 9780199541317
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Criminal Justice provides a comprehensive overview of the criminal justice system in England and Wales, as well as thought-provoking insights into how it might be altered and improved. Tracing the procedures surrounding the apprehension, investigation, and trial of suspected offenders, this book is the ideal companion for law and criminology students alike. As the authors combine the relevant legislation with fresh research findings and policy initiatives, the resulting text is a fascinating blend of socio-legal analysis. Whilst retaining its authoritative treatment of the issues at the heart of criminal justice, the book has been fully updated with recent developments, including recent terrorism legislation and the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill. Students are aided by the addition of a new Online Resource Centre that directs them to related cases and current events, successfully highlighting the importance and ever-changing nature of the subject. In this, the book's fourth edition: an experienced new co-author, Dr. Mandy Burton, joins the writing team; the text features chapter summaries and selected further reading lists to support the student and encourage further research; the content of the book has been fully updated to include coverage of new legislation, case law, research and policy developments; and the text is informed by the authors' own specialist research into penalty notices for disorder and integrated domestic violence courts.