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An Introduction to Tort Law (2nd edn)  

Tony WeirFellow of Trinity College, CambridgeClose
Published in Print: 07 September 2006 Published Online:June 2015
ISBN: 9780199290376
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Celebrated for their conceptual clarity, titles in the Clarendon Law Series offer concise, accessible overviews of major fields of law and legal thought. An Introduction to Tort Law offers an exposition to the rapidly developing law of tort in Britain. In its second edition, it provides an up-to-date overview of the current state of tort law now. Many of the areas subjected to analysis and discussion are highly topical, such as the invasion of the privacy of celebrities, and liability for medical mishaps and industrial diseases. On these and many other subjects of relevance in modern society, this title's comments act as a springboard for further study and reflection, as well as presenting an analysis, enlivened by a critical commentary, of the present situation and how we reached it. The second edition includes recent developments in tort law, the most significant of which is the incorporation into English law of the European Convention on Human Rights. This has not only affected the outcome in a number of cases, but also brought about changes in our vocabulary, interpretation of enactments, and treatment of precedent, which are rather less easily documented.


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