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European Union Law (11th edn)  

Margot HorspoolEmeritus Professor of European and Comparative Law, University of Surrey, and Professorial Fellow at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, LondonClose
Matthew HumphreysHead of School of Law and Social Sciences and Vice Principal for Quality and Standards, Royal Holloway University of LondonClose
, and
Michael Wells-GrecoLecturer in International and European Law, University of MaastrichtClose
Published in Print: 09 August 2021 Published Online:September 2021
ISBN: 9780198870586
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Titles in the Core Text series take the reader straight to the heart of the subject, providing focused, concise and reliable guides for students at all levels. The eleventh edition of European Union Law provides a systematic overview of the European institutions and offers thorough, wide-ranging coverage of the key substantive law topics, including separate chapters on competition, discrimination, environmental law and services. It also features a new chapter on the EU and its relationship with third countries, including the UK. Incisive analysis of the governing themes and principles of EU law is consistently delivered, while chapter summaries, critical questions, further reading suggestions and the new ‘Brexit checklist’ feature help to guide the reader through the subject and support further research. Topics covered also include supremacy and direct effect, the European Courts, general principles, free movement of goods and persons and citizenship.



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