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English Legal System (4th edn)  

Steve WilsonFormer Principal Lecturer, Northumbria University, NewcastleClose
Helen RutherfordSenior Lecturer, Northumbria University, NewcastleClose
Tony StoreySenior Lecturer, Northumbria University, NewcastleClose
Natalie WortleyAssociate Professor, Northumbria University, NewcastleClose
, and
Birju KotechaSenior Lecturer, Northumbria University, NewcastleClose
Published in Print: 29 May 2020 Published Online:September 2020
ISBN: 9780198853800
Publisher:Oxford University Press


English Legal System gives an understanding of the operation of the law and the legal system which is essential to the laying of a solid foundation upon which to build further legal studies. After offering practical advice on how to study the English legal system, an overview is given of the nature of law, the sources of law, how the English legal system operates, the courts of England and Wales, and some of the important institutions and personnel of the law. How legislation is made and how it is interpreted are discussed. How judges make law and how this process is governed by the doctrine of judicial precedent are explored. The rule coming from a case, the ratio decidendi, and other statements of law, obiter dicta, are explained. The book considers the impact of membership of the European Union (EU) and being a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The institutions and personnel of the law, such as juries, judges, and lawyers are covered. The criminal process, from arrest to trial to sentencing, is explained and analysed. Resolution of disputes through the civil courts and tribunals is explained, as is the civil process. Alternative methods of dispute resolution, e.g. mediation and arbitration, are also considered.