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Criminal Law: Text, Cases, and Materials (9th edn)  

Jonathan HerringProfessor of Law, Exeter College, OxfordClose
Published in Print: 04 May 2020 Published Online:September 2020
ISBN: 9780198848479
Publisher:Oxford University Press


This edition of Criminal Law: Text, Cases, and Materials offers an exceptional depth of analysis and a wealth of cases and materials all set within the theoretical context of criminal law. The two-part structure of each chapter in the book—the first part explaining the law as it is, the second examining the theoretical aspects—ensures that readers not only gain a secure understanding of the law itself but also acquire a fundamental appreciation of the surrounding philosophical and ethical debates. The book looks at actus reus and mens rea, and strict liability, and also examines homicide, non-fatal non-sexual offences; sexual offences; theft, handling, robbery; and fraud. It further analyses issues relating to burglary and blackmail, criminal damage, and defences, and finally, considers the criminal liability of corporations, inchoate offences, and complicity.