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Textbook on Land Law (18th edn)  

Judith-Anne MacKenzieFormerly a practising Barrister, member of the Government Legal Service and a Senior Civil Servant at the Department for TransportClose
Aruna NairAssociate Professor of Law, University of OxfordClose
Published in Print: 09 June 2020 Published Online:September 2020
ISBN: 9780198839828
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Course-focused and comprehensive, Textbook on Land Law continues to provide an interesting, accessible, and original account of contemporary land law. The eighteenth edition builds upon the book’s unique and straightforward approach. Using a fictional case study to illustrate the key principles of land law, the chapters demonstrate the real-life applications of a subject students often find very abstract, while clarifying complex areas and common points of confusion. The book consists of seven parts. Part I provides an introduction to estates and interests in land. Part II looks at the acquisition of estates in land. Part III considers the two legal estates of freehold and leasehold, and in particular looks in detail at the obligations in a leasehold estate, their enforcement and remedies for their breach. Part IV looks at trusts and proprietary estoppel. Part V is about licences and a review of the law relating to the family home. The next part considers third party rights, including mortgages, and the final part concludes with a consideration of the definition of ‘land’.