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Public Law (4th edn)  

Mark ElliottProfessor of Public Law, University of CambridgeClose
Robert ThomasProfessor of Public Law, University of ManchesterClose
Published in Print: 09 July 2020 Published Online:September 2020
ISBN: 9780198836742
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Public Law is an advanced text that comprehensively covers the key topics in the field of public law. The book presents an analysis of the law and institutions of public law, and places the legal issues within the wider socio-political context within which the constitution operates. Three key themes that permeate the content allow readers to approach the subject in a structured way. The key themes are the significance of executive power in the contemporary constitution and the challenge of ensuring that those who wield it are held to account, the shift in recent times from a political to a more legal constitution and the implications of this change, and the increasingly ‘multilayered’ character of the British constitution.