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Legal Skills (7th edn)  

Emily Finch  and Stefan Fafinski
Published in Print: 17 June 2019 Published Online:September 2019
ISBN: 9780198831273
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Legal Skills is structured in three parts, covering a full range of legal skills. The first part deals with sources of law and includes information on finding and using legislation, case law, books, journals, and official publications, making sure you understand where the law comes from, and how to use it. The second part covers academic legal skills and provides advice on study and writing skills, legal reasoning, referencing and avoiding plagiarism, essay writing, dissertations, problem solving, and revision and examinations. The final part of the book covers the practical legal skills of oral presentation, mooting, and negotiation. This sixth edition includes a new section on legal ethics and codes of professional conduct, and completely rewritten chapters on presentation skills, and negotiation skills, including a brand new scenario, together with a large number of other enhancements throughout.