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The English Legal System (7th edn)  

Alisdair GillespieHead of Department and Professor of Law, Lancaster UniversityClose
Siobhan WeareLecturer in Law, Lancaster UniversityClose
Published in Print: 05 September 2019 Published Online:September 2019
ISBN: 9780198830900
Publisher:Oxford University Press


The English Legal System presents the main areas of the legal system and encourages a critique of the wider aspects of how law is made and reformed. The book is structured in five parts. Part I looks at the sources of law including domestic and international sources. Part II looks at the courts and the practitioners. It considers the structure of the courts and tribunals, judges and judicial independence, and the legal professions. Part III examines the criminal justice system. It begins by looking at police powers and the decision to charge and prosecute a suspect. It describes issues related to lay justice, trials, and criminal appeals, including access to justice and legal aid. The next part is about the civil justice system. It looks at civil litigation, remedies, appeals and alternative dispute resolution, as well as the funding of civil litigation. The final part looks to the future.