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Poole's Textbook on Contract Law (14th edn)  

Robert Merkin QCProfessor of Commercial Law, Exeter Law School, University of ExeterClose
Séverine SaintierAssociate Professor of Law, Exeter Law School, University of ExeterClose
Published in Print: 18 July 2019 Published Online:September 2019
ISBN: 9780198816980
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Course-focused and comprehensive, the series provides an accessible overview of the key areas on the law curriculum. This book has been guiding students through contract law for many years. It places the law of contract clearly within its wider context, including the growing distinction between commercial and consumer contracting, before proceeding to provide detailed yet accessible treatment of all the key areas encountered when studying contract law. Part 1 considers formation, looking in detail at agreement, certainty and agreement mistakes, the enforceability of promises and the intention to be legally bound. Part 2 looks at content, interpretation, exemption clauses and unfair terms, performance, and breach. Part 3 considers the enforcement of contractual obligations including remedies, detailed treatment of damages for breach of contract, privity and third party rights, and discharge by frustration. Part 4 looks at methods of policing the making of a contract, such as non-agreement mistakes which render the contract void, misrepresentation, duress, undue influence, unconscionable bargains, and illegality. The book also includes references to relevant EU consumer legislation and introduces students to the various attempts (international and European) to produce a harmonized set of contract principles.