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Immigration & Asylum Law (8th edn)  

Gina Clayton and Georgina Firth
Published in Print: 02 August 2018 Published Online:September 2018
ISBN: 9780198815211
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Course-focused and comprehensive, the Textbook on series provides an accessible overview of the key areas on the law curriculum. The eighth edition of the Textbook on Immigration and Asylum Law provides expert coverage of case law and legislation, along with analysis of the political context and social impact of the law, and a strong focus on human rights. The volume guides the reader through this constantly developing area of law. Analysis and commentary on the political, social, and historical dimensions of the law brings the subject to life and encourages readers to engage critically with the issues. This edition has been fully updated with recent cases and developments in the law, including the changes to the powers of removal and rights of appeal in the Immigration Acts 2014 and 2016. It also gives an account of the asylum process, and applications for protection for victims of trafficking.