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The Principles of Land Law (1st edn)  

Emma LeesLecturer in Environmental and Property Law, University of CambridgeClose
Published in Print: 27 May 2020 Published Online:September 2020
ISBN: 9780198810995
Publisher:Oxford University Press


The Principles of Land Law provides a framework through which readers can gain a sophisticated understanding of the modern land law system. Firstly, the text explains the key learning objectives. Principles are summarised to conclude each chapter with a comprehensive overview of the topic at hand. Key cases are explained while examples illustrate problems and possible solutions. The aim is to ensure that readers understand how to apply the core principles to land law scenarios accurately, while also conducting their own critical analysis of the subject area. Topics covered include personal and property rights in land, land registration, adverse possession, freehold, leases and mortgages, ownership, and human rights and property law.