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The Politics of the Police (5th edn)  

Benjamin BowlingProfessor of Criminology & Criminal Justice, Kings College LondonClose
Robert ReinerEmeritus Professor of Criminology, The London School of Economics and Political ScienceClose
, and
James W E SheptyckiProfessor of Criminology, York University, Toronto, CanadaClose
Published in Print: 23 May 2019 Published Online:September 2019
ISBN: 9780198769255
Publisher:Oxford University Press


In its fifth edition, The Politics of the Police has been revised, updated, and extended to take account of recent changes in the law, policy, organization, and social contexts of policing. It builds upon the previous editions’ political economy of policing to encompass a wide global and transnational scope, and to reflect the growing diversity of policing forms. This volume explores the highly charged debates that surround policing, including the various controversies that have led to a change in the public’s opinion of the police in recent years, as well as developments in law, accountability, and governance. The volume sets out to analyse what the police do, how they do it and with what effects, how the mass media shape public perceptions of the police, and how globalization, privatization, militarization, and securitization are impacting on contemporary police work. It concludes with an assessment of what we can expect for the future of policing.