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Cheshire, Fifoot, and Furmston's Law of Contract (17th edn)  

MP FurmstonLate Bencher of Gray's Inn, Emeritus Professor of Law at University of Bristol and Singapore Management University, and Professor of Law at Sunway University in MalaysiaClose
Published in Print: 06 April 2017 Published Online:September 2017
ISBN: 9780198747383
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Cheshire, Fifoot & Furmston’s Law of Contract is a classic text on contract law. The first edition was published over seventy years ago. The book combines an account of the principles of the law of contract with analysis and insights, and the narrative brings understanding of complex contractual issues to a wider readership. It starts by providing a historic introduction, and goes on to look at issues such as modern contract law, agreement, consideration, and legal relations. The book details the contents of the contract and looks at unenforceable contracts, mistake, misrepresentation, duress, and undue influence. Chapters then examine contracts rendered void under statute, contracts illegal by statute or at common law, and contracts void at common law due to public policy. The text moves on to look at privity, rights and liabilities, performance and breach, and discharge under the doctrine of frustration. Finally, the book looks at remedies for breach of contract.