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Understanding Deviance: A Guide to the Sociology of Crime and Rule-Breaking (7th edn)  

David DownesEmeritus Professor, London School of EconomicsClose
Paul RockEmeritus Professor, London School of EconomicsClose
, and
Eugene McLaughlinProfessor of Criminology, City UniversityClose
Published in Print: 01 March 2016 Published Online:September 2016
ISBN: 9780198747345
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Understanding Deviance provides a comprehensive guide to the current state of criminological theory. It outlines the principal theories of crime, deviance, and rule-breaking, discussing them chronologically, and placing them in their European and North American contexts considering major criticisms that have been voiced against them, and constructing defences where appropriate. The volume has been revised and brought up-to-date to include new issues of crime, deviance, disorder, criminal justice, and social control in the early twenty-first century. It considers new trends in criminological theory such as cultural criminology and public criminology, further discussion of how post-modernism and the ‘risk society’ is reformulating crime and deviance, and an assessment of how different approaches address the fall in crime rates across most democratic and developed societies. There is also a new chapter on victimology.