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Criminology (1st edn)  

Steve CaseProfessor of Criminology, University of LoughboroughClose
Phil JohnsonCriminology Lecturer and Academic Subject Leader, the University Centre at Blackburn CollegeClose
David ManlowPrincipal Lecturer in Criminology, University of WestminsterClose
Roger SmithProfessor of Social Work, Durham UniversityClose
, and
Kate WilliamsSenior Lecturer in CriminologyClose
Published in Print: 30 March 2017 Published Online:September 2017
ISBN: 9780198736752
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Criminology is a core, introductory textbook on the field of crime and criminology. It starts by looking at what crime is and the theories that try to explain it. It then considers society's response to crime. It shows how to carry out independent research and plan first steps in a career. The critical, applied approach is emphasized through some of the many features that are integrated throughout the book. These include conversations with authentic voices from the field, compelling personal insights, and challenges to the reader to question assumptions, apply knowledge, and critically reflect on their personal viewpoints. Topics covered include crime statistics, the media, victimology, youth crime, sociological positivism, crime control, punishment, and rehabilitation. The last part of the text applies theories of criminology to the real world and introduces the reader to what might be involved in a career in criminology research.

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