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Administrative Law: Text and Materials (5th edn)  

Mark ElliottProfessor of Public Law, University of CambridgeClose
Jason N. E. VaruhasAssociate Professor, University of MelbourneClose
Published in Print: 22 December 2016 Published Online:September 2017
ISBN: 9780198719465
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Administrative Law Text and Materials combines carefully selected extracts from key cases, articles, and other sources with detailed commentary. This book provides comprehensive coverage of the subject and brings together in one volume the best features of a textbook and a casebook. Rather than simply presenting administrative law as a straightforward body of legal rules, the text considers the subject as an expression of underlying constitutional and other policy concerns, which fundamentally shape the relationship between the citizen and the state. Topics covered include: jurisdiction, the status of unlawful administrative action, public law principles, abuses of discretion, fairness, remedies, and the liability of public authorities.