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Textbook on Administrative Law (8th edn)  

Peter LeylandProfessor of Law, SOAS, University of LondonClose
Gordon AnthonyProfessor of Public Law, Queen's University, BelfastClose
Published in Print: 14 July 2016 Published Online:September 2016
ISBN: 9780198713050
Publisher:Oxford University Press


The eighth edition of Textbook on Administrative Law has been revised and updated to provide a concise and topical account of this fast-moving area of law. The guiding theme of this textbook is how accountability is achieved through a ‘grievance chain’ comprising Parliament, informal methods of dispute resolution, ombudsmen, tribunals, and, particularly, the courts through judicial review. This edition explores the core areas of the subject and sets them in a contextual framework. The chapters start by looking at European Union and administrative law. The following chapters consider human rights, the modern administrative state, the ombudsman principle, tribunals, and informal dispute resolution. The chapters at the heart of the book focus on aspects of judicial review with chapters on illegality, Wednesbury unreasonableness, procedural impropriety, equality, legitimate expectation, and remedies available under the judicial review procedure. The penultimate chapters discuss the ability of public authorities to enter into contracts and their liability in tort. Looking to the future the concluding chapter provides an evaluation of the latest developments in administrative law.