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Tort Law (8th edn)  

Kirsty HorseyReader in Law, Kent Law SchoolClose
Erika RackleyProfessor of Law, Kent Law SchoolClose
Published in Print: 28 August 2023 Published Online:August 2023
ISBN: 9780192874481
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Tort Law encourages the reader to understand, engage with and critically reflect upon tort law. The book first discusses the tort of negligence, looking at the basic principles of the duty of care and at special duty problems relating to omissions and acts of third parties, psychiatric harm, public bodies and economic loss. It also covers breach, causation and remoteness and defences to negligence. The book then considers occupiers’, product and employers’ liability and breach of statutory duty before moving on to look at personal torts and explaining trespass to the person, defamation and the invasion of privacy. It next discusses land torts and and finally looks at liability (including vicarious liability), damages and limitations.