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Trusts & Equity (10th edn)  

Gary WattProfessor of Law, University of WarwickClose
Published in Print: 01 April 2023 Published Online:August 2023
ISBN: 9780192869630
Publisher:Oxford University Press


This book provides a detailed and conceptual analysis of trusts and equity; concentrating on those areas of the subject that are most relevant in the contemporary arena, such as the commercial context. It utilizes expertise in teaching, writing, and researching to enliven the text with helpful analogies and memorable references to extra-legal sources such as history, literature, and film. In this way, the book also stimulates students to engage critically with concepts. This new edition also includes the latest legal developments, including on: the status of cryptocurrency as trust property; so-called ‘Red Cross’ or ‘Massively Discretionary Trusts’; the presumption of advancement in favour of an adult, financially independent child; virtual witnessing of wills in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic; charitable trusts that engage with controversial and decisive issues; resort to cy-près schemes where a charity’s funds are not fit for purpose; disclosure of trust documentation and the beneficiaries’ right to confidentiality; rescission of a trustee appointment and removal of trustees under the court’s inherent jurisdiction; investment by charities in products conflicting with their purposes; establishing a dishonest breach of trust by a professional trustee; backwards tracing and anticipatory substitution; knowing receipt claims against foreign banks; and, dishonesty as an ingredient of dishonest assistance by a professional agent.