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Land Law Directions (8th edn)  

Sandra ClarkeFormer Dean of Law, University of BuckinghamClose
Sarah GreerVice Chancellor, University of WinchesterClose
Published in Print: 28 April 2022 Published Online:September 2022
ISBN: 9780192856937
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Land Law Directions provides engaging and straightforward explanations of difficult concepts. Case summaries, photographs, and examples are used throughout to provide real-life context and to clarify abstract ideas, while diagrams and definitions ensure the text is easy to follow and that key points are understood. The book provides a full range of resources designed to help build upon and further existing understanding, including thinking points, end-of-chapter questions, and tips on linking topics together. A final chapter pulls together key details from each chapter, showing how topics link together and apply to a fictional piece of land. An additional separate chapter focuses on preparing for exams, offering advice on approaching assessment questions and revision technique. This edition includes an extended chapter on proprietary estoppel, and consolidation of the law on land registration into one chapter (4). New cases covered include the Supreme Court decision in Regency Villas Title Ltd v. Diamond Resorts (Europe) Ltd [2018] UKSC 57, which has cast new light on what can constitute an easement.