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Jones & Sufrin's EU Competition Law: Text, Cases & Materials (8th edn)  

Brenda SufrinEmeritus Professor of Law, University of BristolClose
Niamh DunneAssociate Professor of Law, London School of EconomicsClose
, and
Alison JonesProfessor of Law, King's College LondonClose
Published in Print: 10 August 2023 Published Online:August 2023
ISBN: 9780192855015
Publisher:Oxford University Press


EU Competition Law: Text, Cases, and Materials provides a complete guide to European competition law in a single authoritative volume. Carefully selected extracts from key cases, academic articles, and statutory materials are accompanied by in-depth author commentary from three experienced academics in the field. Thorough footnoting and referencing give a tour of the available literature, making this an ideal text and stand-alone resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as for competition law scholars engaged in specialised study. This eighth edition has been fully updated with detailed coverage and commentary on recent developments. These include contemporary concerns about the objectives, interpretation, and application of competition law in the light of sustainability imperatives including the EU’s Green Deal, worldwide economic and political upheaval stemming in particular from the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, and continuing developments in the digital economy; the EU Courts’ judgments on Articles 101, 102, and mergers including Intel (RENV), Google and Alphabet, Google (Android), Slovak Telekom, Generics, Lundbeck, and CK Telecoms; cases on the Commission’s enforcement powers and judicial review, including Sped-Pro and Slovak Telekom; new legislation, guidelines, and notices (in final form or draft) on vertical agreements, horizontal agreements, and market definition; Commission actions in the pharmaceutical, energy, and financial sectors, including interaction with regulatory rules, liberalisation programmes, and intellectual property law; private litigation in the wake of the directive on damages, including the Court’s judgments in Sumal and Paccar; and thorough discussion of ongoing developments in competition law such as the Commission’s enforcement policy against cartels, the appraisal of mergers, the use of commitments decisions, the use of comfort letters during Covid-19 and the Commission’s revised notice on informal guidance, and the increasing activity by national competition authorities. The eighth edition contains an entirely new chapter on the digital economy, including detailed coverage of the Digital Markets Act.


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