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Complete EU Law: Text, Cases, and Materials (5th edn)  

Elspeth BerryReader in Law, Nottingham Trent UniversityClose
Barbara BoguszLecturer in Law, University of LeicesterClose
Matthew HomewoodDeputy Dean, Nottingham Trent UniversityClose
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Sophie StreckerPrincipal Lecturer in Law, Nottingham Trent UniversityClose
Published in Print: 04 August 2022 Published Online:September 2022
ISBN: 9780192846419
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Titles in the Complete series combine extracts from a wide range of primary materials with clear explanatory text to provide readers with a complete introductory resource. Complete EU Law combines extracts from leading cases and articles to take a fresh and modern look at the constitutional and substantive law of the EU. It starts by looking at the origins and development of EU integration. It then examines the role of EU institutions within the legislative process, and the sources of EU law. Next, it explores the relationship between the EU and the Member States; the supremacy of EU law and its impact upon the principle of UK parliamentary sovereignty; the direct and indirect effect of EU law in the national courts; and the ability of those national courts to request preliminary rulings from the Court of Justice. The book also examines the obligations that EU law imposes on Member States, including the operation of infringement actions and Member State liability in damages for breaches of EU law, and the obligations that it imposes on both the EU institutions and the Member States to protect human rights in the EU. It then discusses economic integration within the internal market and how EU law regulates the rights of individuals and businesses under the ‘four freedoms’, focusing on the free movement of persons and goods. It also considers competition law and its enforcement within Member States. Finally, the book includes a chapter on Brexit and its implications for the future relationship between the EU and the UK.