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June focus: public law

Thought-provoking resources that present the dynamism and debates of public law. This month's chapter collection come from the area of law that never sleeps: constitutional  law, administrative law and human rights are all represented in the collection. The chapters are free to access for the month; dip in and lose yourself in this fascinating area of law.

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June 2022 Update

User top tip: Search for a figure

Many of us find figures or diagrams useful for explaining concepts, or to cement ideas when revising. Need a quick reminder of the court structure?

Select Browse All in the subject menu > select "figure captions" under the Modify your search side bar > enter the term e.g. "courts" and the resulting chapters will all include at least one figure with "courts" in the title.

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Why Oxford Law Trove?

Explore the wealth of Oxford law textbook list with intuitive functionality, navigation, and features that enhance the learning experience. A powerful search facility means you can delve deeper into your subject, and connect with additional resources in your own institution’s library.

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Essential Cases

Unique to Law Trove, Essential Cases provide a bridge between course textbooks and key case judgments. They act as a spring board for students to engage with primary case materials, helping law teachers unblock a longstanding barrier.

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Search tip #2 - the wildcard

Use the wildcard to broaden search when you're unsure. The name of the judge which sounds like "Lord Sumpshon"? Search Sump*on. What’s that case involving something stone? Try E*stone. When you use the wildcard Law Trove will look for one missing letter or several. It's ideal when you’re just not sure of the word.

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How to buy Oxford Law Trove

Individual students can purchase subject collections or the complete collection direct from oup.com. Subject collections are priced at £44.99 and are available now, or consider the complete law collection for £199.99, both give access for 12 months. Institutions should contact their campus rep for full details.