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August update: getting the most from Law Trove

If you are one of the many law teachers who will be teaching from Law Trove in the next academic year, are you sure you know how to get the most from the functionality available? We’ve put together some top tips for academics using Law Trove on our Technical Support page.

August 2022 Update

User feedback


97% of students would recommend Law Trove to a peer. (Student user survey, 2022)

'It's great to get different views on a topic, or have that topic explained differently.' (Law student, 2020-21)

90% of students agree that having access to Law Trove has encouraged them to read around their subject. (Student user survey, 2022)

'Law Trove makes it very quick to gain access to a wide range of relevant and trusted texts.' (Law student, 2020-21)

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Why Oxford Law Trove?

Explore the wealth of Oxford law textbook list with intuitive functionality, navigation, and features that enhance the learning experience. A powerful search facility means you can delve deeper into your subject, and connect with additional resources in your own institution’s library.

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Essential Cases

Unique to Law Trove, Essential Cases provide a bridge between course textbooks and key case judgments. They act as a spring board for students to engage with primary case materials, helping law teachers unblock a longstanding barrier.

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Search tip #2 - the wildcard

Use the wildcard to broaden search when you're unsure. The name of the judge which sounds like "Lord Sumpshon"? Search Sump*on. What’s that case involving something stone? Try E*stone. When you use the wildcard Law Trove will look for one missing letter or several. It's ideal when you’re just not sure of the word.

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Who uses Law Trove?

We're proud to be working with a wide range of higher education institutions across the UK and Europe. Thank you to all those have partnered with us this academic year to deliver Law Trove to your students; we look forward to building (or continuing) a productive relationship with you next academic year.